tMSSqlInput, tNeo4jOutput and the MONEY data type

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tMSSqlInput, tNeo4jOutput and the MONEY data type

I have a tMSSqlInput component connected to a tNeo4jOutput component.
The query in the tMSSqlInput component produces a column of DB Type MONEY. On the designer surface I am seeing a warning, "the schema's dbType not correct for this component" and the MONEY DB Type in the Schema dialogue is highlighted. If the type in the DB is money, what should the DB type in the Schema dialogue be set to? Or can this warning be ignored.
Furthermore, I am having trouble mapping it to a java type. Ideally I wish to pass the db value through to Neo4j as is, however, if I set a type of BigDecimal I receive an error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown property type on: 126928.0000, class java.math.BigDecimal
If I use Long I lose my decimal places (obviously) or I have to convert to pennies (UK currency!) which is not ideal (but possible).
Am I trying to achieve the impossible?

Re: tMSSqlInput, tNeo4jOutput and the MONEY data type

For the warning "the schema's dbType not correct for this component"
Please refer to related forum 32931.
For your data type, please upload your current DB schema sett screenshot into forum so that we can see if it is possible to convert it by tMap or tConverttype.
Best regards
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Re: tMSSqlInput, tNeo4jOutput and the MONEY data type

Thanks Sabrina.
I have attached a screenshot of my schema settings. The first is for the tMSSqlInput component. The second is the tNeo4jOutput component connected to the tMSSqlInput.
With regards the warning I have been ignoring it and the job has been running fine. I just wondered why it should be so. I believe I have set all of the DB Types as should be clear in my screenshot?
All the best,


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