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tMSAX component for Dynamics AX

I'm trying to use the two components for AX. First i made a job like Shong did it in an exemple
in a recent post.
When i run the job an error appears (see it in the copy screen)
Is it a right problem in the Active Directory, or the Database SQL Server.
In Microsoft Dynamics AX, tables are located in the Application Object Tree (AOT) .
When we specifie the table name do we read the Data Dictionary\Tables node where the table name "clients" is written ?
Thanks for your help
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Re: tMSAX component for Dynamics AX

Hello marcl1
Did you register AX dll to DCOM in server?
This exception mean TOS didn't connect to server DCOM with j-interop.
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Re: tMSAX component for Dynamics AX

Excuse me shong,
can you give me more detail about your reponse ?
What AX dll must be register ?
Where is DCOM in server ?
Thank you for your help
Max Mare
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Re: tMSAX component for Dynamics AX

Hi Shong,
I'm coming back about testing Talend and Dynamics AX.
My TOS is in V3.1.1 and Axapta is the V5 Dynamics AX 2009. For my test i use a windows Server 2003 VM (Contoso) with Virtual PC and i've installed Talend on it with the JRE.
The two Talend business componnts work with Dcom connector. Dcom connector are not used anymore with Microsoft. The .NET connectors
are used for all integration or communication with AX system (Like VisualStudio, Biztalk, etc) and are implemented into Assembly strategy.
Dcom connecor is not registered on first used AX. You have to use Regsrv32 axcom.dll to register it.
This resolve my first problem.
I had to desactivate my firewall because i had problem : Exception in component tMSAXInput_1
org.jinterop.dcom.common.JIException: The RPC server is unavailable. Please check if the COM server is up and running and that route to the COM Server is accessible (A simple "Ping" to the Server machine would do). Also please confirm if the Windows Firewall is not blocking DCOM access.
After desactiving the firewall, i had a new problem:
xception in component tMSAXInput_1
org.jinterop.dcom.common.JIException: Exception occurred. ==> Message from Server: AxaptaCOMConnector.Axapta3.1 Failed to initialize Business connector.
at org.jinterop.dcom.win32.JIDispatchImpl.invoke(
at org.jinterop.dcom.win32.JIDispatchImpl.callMethodA(
at org.jinterop.dcom.win32.JIDispatchImpl.callMethodA(
at org.jinterop.dcom.win32.JIDispatchImpl.callMethod(
at test_ax.test_02_0_1.Test_02.tMSAXInput_1Process(
at test_ax.test_02_0_1.Test_02.runJobInTOS(
at test_ax.test_02_0_1.Test_02.main(
20760 milliseconds
Is the business connector no longer supporter for new Dynamics AX 2009 (V5) .
I need more information about it , please could you help me.
Best regards.