tLog4j, tInitLog4j problem

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tLog4j, tInitLog4j problem

I would like to use tLog4j, tInitLog4j in Talend open studio 5.4.1. but when I First install tInitLog4j, It is installed successfully and when I install tLog4j, tInitLog4j is not found in component whereas tLog4j only is avilable in component. so whatever I installed finally, that one only is showing in component while previous one has disappeared from component. Please help me.
(I have imported both components using this way () after downloading component in my system).

Re: tLog4j, tInitLog4j problem

give this a try:
Download the custom components from the exchange. Once you unzip them, the component files should be in a folder of the same name as the components. (i.e. tInitLog4j amd tLog4J )
Create another folder to hold your custom components (I like to use /home/jgm/custom_components ) copy the component folders into this one. 
in the studio, go to "Window->Preferences" then open the "Talend" tree and click on "Components"
hit the browse button next to "User component folder" and point it at the custom component folder you've created. 
one you hit OK, the components in this folder will attempt to load and you should be able to see them in your palette.
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Re: tLog4j, tInitLog4j problem

No use. it is still replacing old one :-/

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