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tKafkaCreateTopic (TopicExistsException) Error



I am trying to create a topic in kafka using the tKafkaCreateTopic component. But I get this error during build "Detail Message: kafka.common.TopicExistsException cannot be resolved to a type"


And i dont see TopicExistsException class under common in the kafka jar.


The version of kafka being used is kafka_2.11-1.0.0, but the kafka version chosen in BigData Studio is kafka0.10.0.1, but nevertheless, i haven't seen a change in kafka jar packaging between these version, hence we should be good.


Am i missing any jar here or is it that the talend component should be referring to kafka.common.errors.TopicExistsException. I refered this link


Re: tKafkaCreateTopic (TopicExistsException) Error


It looks like the issue is with jar files. Could you please clarify in which Talend bigdata version/edition you are? Have you already installed required external modules for component tKafkaCreateTopic?


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Re: tKafkaCreateTopic (TopicExistsException) Error

The supported version of Kafka is listed here:
I guess you have to go back to Kafka 0.10 (also me)