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tJoin error - must implement the inherited abstract method IPersistabl

My Job Design uses six join objects with seven tMysqlinput objects to create a data set. These are then joined to a tMap object.
Each of the six join objects returns two identical error messages. The message is:
The type PersonExtractToAESXML.SocialRowStruct must implement the inherited abstract method IPersistableLookupRows<PersonExtractToAESXML.SocialRowStruct>.copyDataTo(PersonExtractToAESXML.SocialRowStruct)
...where the "SocialRowStruct" is the name of the output from the first tJoin object. This message appears twice, then the identical message with it's specific output name from the tMysqlinput object appears twice for each remaining tJoin objects.
When looking at the java code where the error exists, I see that it implements "IPersistableComparableLookupRow", not "IPersistableLookupRows" as the error message suggests.
public static class SocialRowStruct implements
routines.system.IPersistableComparableLookupRow<SocialRowStruct> {
However, when examining "IPersistableComparableLookupRow", it extends "IPersistableLookupRow", so I am not even sure the error message is relevent to what is really going on.
public interface IPersistableComparableLookupRow<R> extends IPersistableLookupRow<R>, Comparable<R> {
I'm really stuck. Can anyone help me?

Re: tJoin error - must implement the inherited abstract method IPersistabl

This is the ESB forum. As your issue seems to be more about Talend Open Studio for Data Integration, you could post your question on this forum: