tJavaRow Errors

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tJavaRow Errors

I have my components set up as the attached image shows.
Before I added the tJavaRow component it did not have any errors and it ran correctly.
After adding the tJavaRow I got
The method tMysqlInput_1Process(Map<String,Object>) is undefined for the type DBtoXML10
A component that is not a sub process start can not have any link on sub job ok / on sub job error in input.
Currently the only code in the tjava row is this ( I will add additional later)
output_row.ID = input_row.ID;
output_row.title = input_row.title;
output_row.sub_title = input_row.sub_title;
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Re: tJavaRow Errors

Which version of TOS do you use?
I encountered this issue before and it was solved by deleting the current job and recreating a new one.
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Re: tJavaRow Errors

The problem is OnSubjobOK must go to/from the start component of the subjob (the one with a green background). In your job that is tMysqlInput_2 (because that is merge order 1) but OnSubjobOK is linked to tMysqlInput_1, which is why the latter has an error mark against it.
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Re: tJavaRow Errors

I changed the connection to the merge order 1 and it ran thanks for your help.
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Re: tJavaRow Errors

I am having an additional problem
In the tJavaRow I have a context variable context.fileNumber every 5000 records this is incremmented by 1.
In the File Name text field of the tFileOutputMSXML i have enter "C:/opt/ftp/talend/XMLFiles/out"+context.fileNumber+".xml"
I have added printstatements to the tJaveRow that show the variable incrementing correctly but only the one XML file is created.
Is it possible to split the files using this method?
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Re: tJavaRow Errors

No; the output file is created before the flow starts.
I've never used tFileOutputMSXML so I'm not sure how to resolve this because it takes multiple flows.
The usual suggestion for a single flow is to use tFlowToIterate and tFixedFlowInput before the output, although this would likely be way too slow for so many rows.
Other ways, again for a single flow, might be to:
1. store the final row data in a temporary file or hash and then as a subsequent subjob execute a loop for the number of files you need, re-reading the temporary file or hash, filtering based on the fileNumber and writing to each xml file.
2. write the final row data to a delimited file, using the ability to split to multiple files and then as a subsequent subjob iterate over the created files to write them as xml.
If you can't figure out a way to achieve something like that with your data then I suggest you create a new topic for more help from someone else.

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