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tJava iterate link

To begin, I'm going to quickly explain my objectives:
I'm working on a (TDS) server which use xml configuration files (called catalogs) to provide differents access to scientific datas like
grib or netcdf files. Because new files are created dailly, we want to realize a system to automate the generation of the catalog
(configuration) files of this server. So I would like to use TOS to make the most part of the work.
The jobs consist of scanning differents directories corresponding to data products to check out the files that will be included in
the xml server's catalogs. Between the scan and the xml file creation, some treatments could be needed.
I would like to know how I can use the iterate links of the tJava/tJavaFlex component.
For example, I'm using a tFileList that iterate on a tJava, which filter and then store each valid filepath using a routine FileList I created
(by the way, I could not find how to use the tFileList to get only the path of the files : tFileList can for example be combinated with
tFileInputXxx but the result is not the one I expect because I only need to get the filepath list, not to deal with the file's content directly, that's why I made a FileList routine).
So, once the file list is created, I need to iterate other each filepath to optionnaly read the file content (to get netcdf metadata) and then write some "elements" in a xml file. These elements are for example:
<netcdf location="/home/directory/20071021/"
coordValue="2007-10-21T00:00:00Z" ncoords="72" enhance="true" />
The problem is that I don't know how to link the tJava component to any other using the iteration : I would like the tJava to
generate an xml entry for each file previously stored.
- tFileList iterate on the tJava_1 => build the list
- tFileList run if ok another tJava_2 => display number of files
Then I want this tJava_2 to output the filepath and associated datas to a new component wich will write each file element
into a unique xml file (tFileOutputXML).
I hope my question is comprehensible !
If you need more precisions, I can provide some.
Thanks a lot
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Re: tJava iterate link

I think that's ok : i get the latest TOS and manage to do what I want using the tFixedFlowInput !!
It allows to get some rows from global variables, then I succed to link the filePath row to the tFileOutputXML so now each
filepath from my global list object is sent to the xml file !!
I dont really know if this is the better solution but it works !
However, I still don't know what is the purpose of the iteration link of tJava components and how it works, if someone
could give me few explanations ...