tJava Error

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tJava Error

I'm receiving the following error when assigning values to globalMap variables.
Error Message
"Exception in component tJava_7
at talenddemosjava.lawexpediaftp_0_1.LAWExpediaFTP.tMSSqlInput_2Process("
Below is the tJava code:
List<row8Struct> Law = (List<row8Struct>)globalMap.get("Law_Metadata");
globalMap.put("ExpediaFileShare", Law.get(0).TheValue);
globalMap.put("ExpediaFileShareArchive", Law.get(1).TheValue);
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Re: tJava Error

Very weird, as I expect value returned.
I did another test from tMSSqlInput to tJava.
simple query "select TheValue from vFileShare" with row7 connecting to tJava.
In tJava, I just type the following, but context.FileShare=null (no error).
Any idea?
Help is appreciated!
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Re: tJava Error

u need to use tJavaRow
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Re: tJava Error

I don't think you can put List<row3Struct> construct in JavaRow. Let me know if I am wrong.
I keep getting "NullPointerException" errors. Any reason??? Very fraustration error...

Re: tJava Error

in a tJavaRow you can use "special" variable names that will get re-written by the code generator.
instead of writing row7.TheValue, try: input_row.TheValue
also ensure that your Talend schema has the column "TheValue" defined

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