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tJasperReportExec Modules

Hello Talend Community !


I found a good component (i guess) on talend exchange, named : tJasperReportExec created by jlolling .
But i can't use it, because i need to install some external jar. So ... i click on "Installer", and one by one i click on every .jar to add external that I found in folder of the downloaded component.

At the end, the window of module list close automatically and ... nothing append...

But libraries appears on my talend workspace !  At "C:\Talend\TOS_DI-Win32-20151029_1337-V6.1.0\workspace\.Java\lib" , they're all jar needed for the compenent.

It's seem like, the component didn't find modules emplacement...


What am i doing wrong ? Can you help me please ?


(Version Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 6.1.0, i tried with the 64 and 32 bits version and in admin mode too ... )




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Re: tJasperReportExec Modules


Can the custom component tJasperReportExec be available from your palette? We have sent an email to this custom component's author and then come back to you as soon as possible.

Best regards


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Re: tJasperReportExec Modules

First of all, please tell us the steps you have done to install the component.

There are 2 different ways to install a component. 

1. via Talend Exchange - should work, I have not done this for ages

2. via a separate folder and the Preferences - described in the mentioned article from Shong.

If you have still problems you can contact me directly:

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Re: tJasperReportExec Modules

Hi ! Thanks for your reply !

Yes the component is available on my palette, and i add my component with a separate folder. I already use a lot of external component like (tExecutors, tFileExcelSheetInput, tFlieExcelWorbookOpen ... )

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Re: tJasperReportExec Modules

Hard to say, what went wrong here. The studio behaves sometimes like a ugly diva.

If you like we can have a skype session to solve this issue.

Send me an email at if you would do that.