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tIteratetoFlow - how to convert back from Iterate to Flow

I have an iterate section in my job, but cannot connect it back to flow to write all the results into a database. (as iterate would write one by one). My last task in the iterate chain is a replace, but I cannot connect it back to titeratetoFlow. Why? What shall I use?


TExcelInput -> Tmap -> TFlowtoIterate -> ....   TRESTCLient, -> XMLfieldextract. -> Treplace   and then I cannot connect back here to TIteratetoFlow->MSSQL


TiteratetoFlow does not accept the connection row from Treplace.


What connector shall I use?

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Re: tIteratetoFlow - how to convert back from Iterate to Flow

tIterateToFlow requires an incoming Iterate link and produces an outgoing flow link.  You are trying to connect a flow link from tReplace.  


If your intention is to accumulate values in the iteration, you should direct the flow from tReplace to an output component. If you don't want to output directly to your database, you can use a tHashOutput as temporary storage and write out the entire contents of the hash after your iterations are complete.