tHiveRow with tLogRow no data is displayed

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tHiveRow with tLogRow no data is displayed

Hi guys,
I´m using the last version of Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 5,4
I´m trying to connect to a Hive server with Cloudera distribution, to query a very simple table and to print the results of the "Select a,b,c, from table X" to a tlogrow.
I created a metadata DB Connection to Hive and the connection test is OK
I retrieved the schema of the table I want to query and this is OK.
I inserted a simple tRowHive component using this connection and a tLogRow to display the results.
The query is executed but the result is not displayed, the tlogRow prints null in the fields but I´m sure that it should displayed a lot of rows.
In the backend we see that the query is executed without errors.
Please can you help me?

p.s: one time it worked with the version 5.3 but now I´m not able to retrieve the values!
Thanks a lot

Re: tHiveRow with tLogRow no data is displayed

tXXXRow component is usually used to any type of sql statement excepts select statement, we use txxxInput component to execute a select statement, if you use use tXXXRow to execute a select statement, it returns a record set, and you are required to use a tParseRecordSet component after tXXXRow to parse the record sets. You can find a demo job scenario 3 in component reference TalendHelpCenter:tMysqlRow.
Best regards
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