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tHiveRow - Alter TABLE ... ADD PARTITION ... KW_EXCHANGE issue

the below command in tHiveRow is failing with the error below
"ALTER TABLE DF3.filedup_errint32_v1 ADD PARTITION(month=201509)"
Error while compiling statement: FAILED: ParseException line 1:36 mismatched input 'ADD' expecting KW_EXCHANGE near 'filedup_errint32_v1' in alter exchange partition
the same error comes when the alter command is executed from hive shell.
if the database qualifier DF3. is removed and command is executed it executes fine in Hive shell.
But in tHiveRow when I execute the query  without the database qualifier I get the below error 
FAILED: SemanticException : Table not found
HOw to overcome this issue?
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Re: tHiveRow - Alter TABLE ... ADD PARTITION ... KW_EXCHANGE issue

I was not passing ths DB name to my Hive connection. the connection was dynamic and contextualized.
Passed the DB name to the Hive connection in context and it worked.
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