tHiveLoad "Append" option not working

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tHiveLoad "Append" option not working

Hi Team,
I'm using a loop to read data from certain files and then do a "Insert into table select". While I'm doing this, the target table is getting overwritten by the output of latest query. I'm using tHiveLoad component with Append option.
I've added a screenshot with information in component tab. Could you please look into it and let me know? Is there a work around ?

Re: tHiveLoad "Append" option not working

We don't see any screenshot on our side. Could you please check it?
Is there any error info popping up?
Best regards
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Re: tHiveLoad "Append" option not working

Hi Sabrina,
PFA the snapshot. No there isn't any pop up.
What actually happening is, I'm looping and inserting using following query :
INSERT INTO TABLE xxxx SELECT Columns name from {table_name}, here table name is dynamic. So every time the script runs,
the data for the latest file overwrites all the content previously stored. 
Please let me know if you do not see the image attached.

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