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tHiveCreateTable schema doesn't have a Date DBType

According to hive documentation, one of the columns available for hive is DATE.
When I create a hive table using tHiveRow and state that a column is DATE it works fine and create the table, but when I try to create it using tHiveCreateTable, there's no matching column type in the schema selection panel - only TIMESTAMP, which doesn't work for me.
I tried to edit the component (and compared the descriptor xml to tOracleInput, for example) and the fieldtype is SCHEMA_TYPE on both.
Why are they different?
Please advise.
If there's another way to get around this, it would also be appreciated.
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Re: tHiveCreateTable schema doesn't have a Date DBType

It doesn't support Date type now, can you please report a feature request in our bugtracker?
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Re: tHiveCreateTable schema doesn't have a Date DBType

found a tip:
If you go to windwos -> preferences -> Talend -> Specific Settings -> MetaData of TalendType
you can see how the types are represented.
you can edit the mapping_hive.xml and add a line (top)
<dbType type="DATE" ignoreLen="true" ignorePre="true"/>
and a line (bottom)
<dbType type="DATE">
                    <talendType type="id_Date" default="true"/>
and get the Date format in hive.