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tHMap issue


Below is what I am trying to do.


1. Make post request with content-type set as application/json with JSON payload ofcourse.

2. Map the incoming json into a different JSON structure using hMAP

3. Perform some operation (call internal rest endpoint using tRESTClient with the modified JSON as input, which returns a JSON output...). I have removed this step to simplify the example

4. In my example, I just pipe the modified JSON output of hMap to tRESTResponse


Errors that I encounter while taking different approaches:

1. If I map hMap to pre-generated schema then it throws an error in the response(main) outlet stating cannot convert String to Document. 


2. If I choose to generate the schema I am getting the error of which the screenshot is provided.


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Re: tHMap issue


On which talend build version you got this issue?

Have these columns been included in the generated map?


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Re: tHMap issue

I am using Talend 7.0.1


Below is my simple hmap. I also executed the "Test Run" from the output mapper of TMap and I could see my simple response (as also can be seen in the screengrab). 





Getting this error here. 




I also wanted to know what is the Size Min/Max? Can you point me to documentation explaining the options (of the screengrab below)?