tHMap date format for JSON

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tHMap date format for JSON

Hello everyone,

I am using a tHMap to create a JSON object for a webservice. The webservice requires the following date format:


I cannot find this specific date format in the Date Formats of the structure. I neither could find a way to define a custom date format. Thus, I am using "Default" as date format at the moment and defined the desired format in the Talend Data Integration schema, which is used as the input for the tHMap. As a result I get the following date format:



Hence, my question: How can the date format of the tHMap JSON output be changed or customized?



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Re: tHMap date format for JSON

in tMap you can try this 




Veeru Boppudi
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Re: tHMap date format for JSON

Hi vboppudi,

thank you for your input. I know how to do it in a tMap, this would be my workaround: Transforming the dates to a string and passing it to the tHMap as string. But from my point of view this is only a workaround and not an ideal solution, as I always have to do a null-safe explicit transformation instead of passing the values through.


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