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tHDFSOutput / tHDFSPut

Could anyone please explain difference between tHDFSOutput and tHDFSPut.
tHDFSOutput - Component description say's - Writes file to HDFS.
tHDFSPut - Component description say's - Copies file to HDFS.
In background is tHDFSPut create each file and writes or ?.
Thanks in advance

Re: tHDFSOutput / tHDFSPut

Actually, tHDFSPut is a standalone component.
 This component combines HDFS connection and data extraction, thus usually used as a single-component subjob to move data from a user-defined local directory to HDFS.
Different from the  tHDFSOutput components, it runs standalone and does not generate input or output flow for the other components.
It is often connected to the Job using OnSubjobOk or OnComponentOk link, depending on the context.
Feel free to let us know if it is clear for you.
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