tHDFSList componet with externelized context variables.

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tHDFSList componet with externelized context variables.

I need  a job deployed in TACs of dev, UAT, prod, that basically connects to respective Hadoop clusters and does a tHDFSList on “/” (root directory).
The component settings of the tHDFSList component need to be externalized to context variables;So, that we can provide appropriate parameters for dev/UAT/Prod environments using context files.
This Job will be deployed and set to execute for every 30 mins and on-fail(exceptions)…should trigger email to the respective teams.

Re: tHDFSList componet with externelized context variables.

Could you please take a look at this document about:TalendHelpCenter:Centralizing HDFS metadata to see if it is what you are looking for?
If you need to use an environmental context to define the parameters of this connection, click the "Export as context" button to open the corresponding wizard.
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