tGoogleAnalyticsInput 502 bad gateway

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tGoogleAnalyticsInput 502 bad gateway

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I am currently using tGoogleAnalyticsInput component to get the views on our webpages from 12 different countries (Different profile ids) with one service account . 10 out 12 countries  always succeed and provide data but 2 of them consistently  fail giving the error " 502 Bad Gateway".  


I am using TOS 6.2.0 and the tGoogleAnalyticsInput component release 8.3.

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Re: tGoogleAnalyticsInput 502 bad gateway


The tGoogleAnalyticsInput component is written by talend community user and shared on talend exchange portal. Feel free to contact the author directly.

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Re: tGoogleAnalyticsInput 502 bad gateway

Which countries you have problems with? Could you also please check if this can related to some limits of the API like quotas. Sometimes Google sends very strange error messages. Change the the order of the countries and check if they are run before others, if this works.