tGSGet by pattern

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tGSGet by pattern

HI all!

Can anybody share his experience, I Have the next case:

need to download a file from GS by pattern ex: (novem_1*.txt) if there are a batch of files with different formats.


For now, I have next solution

tGSGet (with prefix) -> itFileList (file mask "*.txt") -> tFileCopy ((String)globalMap.get("tFileList_1_CURRENT_FILEPATH")) 


So, only in this way, I found how to download all ".txt" files from the bucket.


But it is not the best way if I have 1000 file and only  5 in "txt" format

Is it possible to filter it before I do tGSGet?



Re: tGSGet by pattern


What does your key prefix in tGSGet component look like? Could you please post the tGSGet component setting screenshot on forum?

Best regards


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