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I am having an issue with tGPGDecrypt using the TAC. My job runs fine in the Studio, but not when scheduled through the TAC. The TAC runs the job successfully, but none of the decrypted files are created.
Please let me know if you could shed any light on this. I have also attached an image of the job.
I am using Talend 5.1.2 r90681

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Re: tGPGDecrypt

Have a read through
The important thing to realise is that the tGPGDecrypt component does no more than execute the OS gpg command.
This means that you can debug it by calling your own script first. You can simply echo $* to see what Talend has sent.
Take a look at GPG binary path in basic settings; I think you're already setting this from your image.
You may even find it helpful to use a scrript wrapper to GPG anyway. Gives you more control for passing additional parameters, for example, --batch --yes --passphrase-fd etc.
In my experience, passing passphrase from Talend doesn't always work well as GPG in batch mode seems to prefer passphrase-fd 0. using --passphrase-fd 0 from a script is better.

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