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tFuzzymatch not giviing required output in Talend

I have a workflow in which i have 2 files.

First file has below data separated by delimiter

wdci pty ltd1;Sales
talend Open Studiofdger;Marketing
Salesforce ;Design
wdci pty ltd1;Automation
wdci pvt limited;Design
Roger Federer;Tennis

second file has below data

wdci pty ltd1;195
talend Open Studiofdger;188
Salesforce ;159

When i create a talend job to do fuzzy matching, its isn't giving me correct output.

Below is my talend workflow

enter image description here


Below is output


Starting job FuzzyMatch at 11:54 13/04/2017.

[statistics] connecting to socket on port 3777
[statistics] connected
wdci pty ltd1|Sales|0|wdci pty ltd1
talend Open Studiofdger|Marketing|0|talend Open Studiofdger
Salesforce |Design|0|Salesforce 
wdci pty ltd1|Automation|0|wdci pty ltd1
wdci pvt limited|Design||
Roger Federer|Tennis||
[statistics] disconnected
Job FuzzyMatch ended at 11:54 13/04/2017. [exit code=0]

What i believe is that last two records should not be appearing in the output. Any suggestion?

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Re: tFuzzymatch not giviing required output in Talend



In my opinion it's the proper functioning.


You have a main with 7 rows, so in the output you keep the 7 rows and the Fuzzy Component says there's nothing in your lookup matching for the last two lines.


You just have to put a filter component and it should be ok no ?



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Re: tFuzzymatch not giviing required output in Talend

So you mean when there is no match you don't need those records to your target flow? is it correct?