tFileOutputMSPositional configuration problems

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tFileOutputMSPositional configuration problems


I have input data records in the form:


I0000762857OOOODBISTHTRANSP00000000000001220000028800001/10/17                         01NPO52732100000Z0000000000000000076000              CR/LF


With a batch total of the Number of invoices and Total value at the end of the file.


The job converts the data record into three record types, VOH (voucher header), VOL (voucher line, there could be multiple lines) and VOD (distribution record), with a BTH (batch header) to include the number of invoices and total value. 


The job looks like this



The job worked ok before I added the BTH (Batch Header). When it was just the VOH, VOL and VOD records the output was in the correct format where each line was in sequence of VOH, VOL (multiple records) followed by a VOD record. Now I'm only getting the BTH record and none of the VOH, VOL and VOD records.

I think the issue is with the tFileOutputMSPositional, but I can't figure out how to configure it so that it works.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. 

Many thanks, Jerry

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Re: tFileOutputMSPositional configuration problems

can you provide the sample source record for tFileoutputMSPositional?

Manohar B
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