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Team ,
I need a quick suggestion. I'm trying to load data to an Excel file from a sql server table . My source table has 1 million records .

Job design :
tMssqlinput-> tfileoutputexcel

While I tried to run this by checking append mode in output Excel component, my job runs for 45 minutes and throws me GC overhead memory issue .

If I run the same by unchecking the append mode option , the Excel file gets loaded in 3 minutes .

My target Excel file has some header formatting, so I'm trying to append the data.

Note - I've assigned JVM memory arguments based on my CPU memory .

PS - I'm currently using talend open studio for data Integration 6.2 and Microsoft Excel 2017.

Any help/ suggestions much appreciated

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Re: tFileOutputExcel

so you can do:


tMssqlinput-->tfileoutputExcel(append mode off)


tfileinputExcel(use above file as input)-->tfileoutputExcel(append mode on)* file having headers


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