tFileOutputDelimited dynamic file name

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tFileOutputDelimited dynamic file name

I'm at a bit of a loss on this one. I currently have a tFileList and tFileInputExcel running so that multiple excel files are checked and have data extracted from them. I then have that data output as a Delimited file. My question is how do i make the tFileOutputDelimited change the name of the file to whatever the input stream is. For instance say I'm running this on 3 excel files, Excel1, Excel2, and Excel3. How do i set the output so that it will create separate delimited files for Excel1, Excel2, and Excel3. I've attached a snapshot of my process so far (it works fine but puts it all in one file). Any help is much appreciated!
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Re: tFileOutputDelimited dynamic file name

I guess you use as file name for tFileInputExcel: ((String) globalMap.get("tFileList_1_CURRENT_FILEPATH"))
I would use nearly the same for the tFileOutputDelimited: ((String) globalMap.get("tFileList_1_CURRENT_FILEPATH")) + ".txt"
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Re: tFileOutputDelimited dynamic file name

ohh alright thanks a ton!

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