tFileOutputDelimited doesn't create the file

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tFileOutputDelimited doesn't create the file

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cannot get tFileOutputDelimited to create a file, any file. I've never seen it work yet!
I have a job that eventually creates rows that consist of a single String column, a very long column. In some of the rows, this column is 2000 characters long, in some others it can be as long as 40000 characters.
tFileOutputDelimited actually does create a file, but it's always 0 bytes. I've tried every option in both Basic and Advanced properties; nothing seems to make any difference. I have the row seperator set to "\n", and field seperator set to ";" (figuring that field seperator won't get used anyway, because it's a 1-column set of rows)
This is on Windows 7 64-bit, with TOS Version: 4.2.3 Build id: r67267-20110905-0421
Any ideas on where to look? Thanks for any help ...
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Re: tFileOutputDelimited doesn't create the file

I'm wondering if maybe this is a restriction on the number of bytes being written to the file? I have tried small tests with normal size rows (like 80 bytes) and it works OK.
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Re: tFileOutputDelimited doesn't create the file

I found my problem -- it was my own fault: I am writing to the file in a subjob, so each execution of the subjob overwrites the row written by that last execution. I needed to check to "Append" mode in tFileOutputDelimited.

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