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tFileOutputDelimited and Header Rows with Append

My input ----> tFilterRow---Rejects---->File1 (Create with Header Row)
----Filter------->File1 (Append Mode) (Do I check - Create Header Row here?)
Is it possible to specify the 'order' of tFileOutputDelimited creation? I am trying to append data all to the same file from multiple input streams but I only want one header row and the other files to append.
My job is slightly more complex than I have shown above but it seems not possible- Header Rows get created on append? I keep getting strange header lines within the file.
Should I append to different files and then concatenate the files together somehow?

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Re: tFileOutputDelimited and Header Rows with Append

At the beginning of job, using tFixedFlowInput to define the header row and output it to the file. and then, output alll the records into the same file(append mode, without header) for example:
My input ----> tFilterRow---Rejects---->File1 (Append Mode)
----Filter------->File1 (Append Mode)
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