tFileInputXML generates no output

I know I must be doing something wrong but not sure what.
I have configured the tFileInputXML to read and XML file.
I have configured my Xpath loop expression as well as the fields to extract.
When I click on "Refresh Preview" everything is there, just like I want it.
I then connect the tFileInputXML to a tFileOutputDelimited via Main.
I configure tFileOutputDelimited and run the job.
Nothing gets written to the the "csv" file configured in tFileOutputDelimited, just the header row.
How is it the the "preview" works but the job when run finds no rows?

I receive no errors so it must be me. Just not sure what to do next.
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Re: tFileInputXML generates no output

I guess the schema definition from the tFileOutputDelimited has destroyed your schema and mapping from the tFileInputXML.
Put a tMap between both and try it again.
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Re: tFileInputXML generates no output

Just had the same issue and I found that it was related to the xpath loop limit settings.
First, I read some misleading information saying that this limit should be zero but in fact this limit should be -1.
See the links here: