tFileInputXML component "Loop XPATH query" issue

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tFileInputXML component "Loop XPATH query" issue

Hi there,
I had a problem to define the "Loop XPATH query" in the xFileInputXML component. Now I only can select "Ignore the namespaces" in the Advanced settings and then use below query, "/Customers/Customer".
How can we define this query including its namespace?
I tried to use below format but it did not work.
I used version 4.1.2r53616 Talend Data Quality.
Thanks a lot,
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Re: tFileInputXML component "Loop XPATH query" issue

I got one solution but I did not think it was a good one. Maybe this is one issue that Talend need to improve.
you can use below query,
/x:Customers/x:Customer" in this componet if your XML file like below,
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<x:Customers xSmiley TongueageVersion="5.0" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:x="">
<x:Customer xSmiley Very Happyate="2012-12-21T00:00:00"

Here the problem is that you do not use the real namespcae, you use prefix instead. if the XML file changed prefix then you got problem.
Anyone has better solution?