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tFileInputExcel : common Assertion.failed

Hi ,
in a simple job tFileInputExcel --->tMap--->tFileoutputDelimited I am using a Excel file (10 Mb big) which has 20 worksheets , worksheets' names are for example 'Paramètres saisie' , 'Mode opératoire" , 'Suivi des modifications' etc ...
In medata repository I defined a scheme for managing only the worksheet named 'Suivi des incidents".
Regarding error message I tried to define String fields or Date fields for managing this file but the error message stays the same and is :
at common.Assert.verify(
at jxl.biff.formula.TokenFormulaParser.parseSubExpression(
at jxl.biff.formula.TokenFormulaParser.parse(
at jxl.biff.formula.FormulaParser.parse(
at jxl.biff.DVParser.<init>(
Complete error message in attached images.
Would you have some suggestion about this issue ?
With best regards,
Yves .
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Re: tFileInputExcel : common Assertion.failed

Hi Yves
From the error message, seems it can't parse the sheet name and pass null value to the method getName(). In order to locate the problem, try to rename the sheet name to a simple name in English and test again.
Best regards
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