tFileExist error

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tFileExist error

I am passing a value to tFileExist that contains a file location such as

When my job hits the tFileExist component it throws the following error:
Syntax Error on token "(", Expression expected after this token

The variable used in tFileExist is

The variable is created by tFlowtoIterate.
I should also add that I am not using tFileList because there are over 100,000 files in this drive and it would take forever for this job to run through all those files when i only need about 200 files copied. I have a query setup in mysql to narrow the attachments down to the 200 I need.
Looking closer I noticed in the code view the following (note the empty if statement below):
 *  start


ok_Hash.put("tFileExist_1", true);
end_Hash.put("tFileExist_1", System.currentTimeMillis());
if () {

runStat.updateStatOnConnection("If1", 0, "true");


runStat.updateStatOnConnection("If1", 0, "false");

* stop

Anyone know why I am getting this error?
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Re: tFileExist error

You did't set the condition of runIf link yet!
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