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tFileExcelSheetOutput / tFileExcelWorkbookOpen - 2 questions

I am trying to create a new excel file and insert a hyperlink that references a cell on another excel spreadsheet..
Firstly, I cannot work out how to create a new Excel workbook using tFileExcelWorkbookOpen and tFileExcelSheetOutput.
In tFileExcelWorkbookOpen if I select 'Create empty workbook' it does not give me a filename / location to create it. 
If I instead uncheck the 'Create empty workbook' option and enter a filename, when I run it, I get an error saying it does not exist.
How do I do this please?
Second, I want to include a hyperlink in my output referencing another workbook, sheet and cell (actually the original source of the data)
The string is output in the format:
where Calls is the sheet, and A43 is the cell I want to hyperlink to. 
but this is failing when it is parsed by the URI Parser when I run it.
Does this component support this kind of hyperlink?
If this was entered manually in excel in the style:
it would create a hyperlink to that cell.
Many thanks
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Re: tFileExcelSheetOutput / tFileExcelWorkbookOpen - 2 questions

Ok.. answered my own question for #1..
I need the tFileExcelWorkbookSave component... 
Still having trouble with the hyperlink though.. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: tFileExcelSheetOutput / tFileExcelWorkbookOpen - 2 questions

Active the individual column configuration and set the option Hyperlink for your hyperlink column.
This component has a lot of features. Perhaps you read the documentation linked in the detail page:,1,1