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Dear all, my job give me an Excel output and i would like to make some changes as:

- Set the header with a color and the text of the header with another color

- Color the values of a Column which are > of 5 


and other changes to the excel output.


What is the component who helps me? 

i am trying to use the tFileExcel component but the Job give me that error:


someone who helps me? thanks in advance, Sam

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Re: tFileExcel

@samfantini,You have not specified Workbook  in Basic settings of the tFileExcelSheetOutput.

Manohar B
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Re: tFileExcel

@manodwhb, i Have set the Workbook Open and the Workbook Save. So the component in general is useful to keep the format of an output excel. But i have to set the format before and is not possible to set the format with the component in the job, did I get it right?

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Re: tFileExcel

Hi Sanfantini


Please tell me the procedure to download tFIleExcel component. 


I did it through exchange but cant see that in pallette.

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Re: tFileExcel


that is the link with the procedure.

You have to download the Component from the Exchange, then unzip the folder where you want. 

Then you have to go in Talend-> Windows -> Preferences-> talend component design -> set the path of the folder which contains the Component

the same things also in Talend->Windows ->Preferences ->Talend -> Components -> set the path of the folder which contains the Component


and then restart Talend 


Re: tFileExcel


Here is online document about:TalendHelpCenter:How to install and update a custom component.

Best regards


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Re: tFileExcel

thank you


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