tFileExcel-Components - tFileExcelNamedCellOutput &

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tFileExcel-Components - tFileExcelNamedCellOutput &



I've try the free package tFileExcel-Components on Talend Exchange develop by J.Lolling.


We're using Talend 6.1.1 and V8.6 tFileExcel Components, but even when we try basic flow, we get the error : 

de.cimt.talendcomp.excel  cannot be resolved as a type 




on both  tFileExcelReferencedCellOutput  or tFileExcelNamedCellOutput.


Anyone have this problem before and find a solution to solve it ?








Re: tFileExcel-Components - tFileExcelNamedCellOutput &


For these custom components, please feel free to contact the author directly.

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Re: tFileExcel-Components - tFileExcelNamedCellOutput &

Could you please check if you have the current version. Your case shows me, the underlaying library is missing.

Talend Exchange is sometimes a bit slow in approving updates. You can always find the latest releases in Github:

Most components (and suits) have its own repository and under releases you will find the components in the current and older release.

For the excel components look here: