tFTPRename - Set "Filemask" and "New name" fields dynamically

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tFTPRename - Set "Filemask" and "New name" fields dynamically

I have a job that should do the following:
1) connect to a FTP server (tFTPConnection)
2) using tFTPFileList, look for files in a specific directory
3) for each file found, with tFTPRename, rename the file using the following algorithm:
i) split the file name into the main file name and the extension (e.g., myfile.dat => "myfile" + ".dat"
ii) generate a string that is a date/time stamp in the format YYYYMMDD_hhmiss (e.g., "02202012_112800")
iii) join all three parts into a new file name (e.g., myfile_02202012_112800.dat)
4) the file is to be moved into a different directory
The process I have created seems really convoluted, but it works EXCEPT that I can't figure out how to rename/move the file by setting the "Filemask" and "New name" properties on tFTPFileRename dynamically (passed in via the tLogRow).
Could someone help me, please? I have attached all of the relevant screenshots.

This is what I get when I run the job:
Starting job Emdeon_Claims_Data_Loading at 12:16 20/02/2012.
connecting to socket on port 3425
Exception in component tFTPRename_1
at test.emdeon_claims_data_loading_0_1.Emdeon_Claims_Data_Loading.tIterateToFlow_1_AIProcess(
at test.emdeon_claims_data_loading_0_1.Emdeon_Claims_Data_Loading.tFTPFileList_1Process(
at test.emdeon_claims_data_loading_0_1.Emdeon_Claims_Data_Loading.tFTPConnection_2Process(
at test.emdeon_claims_data_loading_0_1.Emdeon_Claims_Data_Loading.runJobInTOS(
at test.emdeon_claims_data_loading_0_1.Emdeon_Claims_Data_Loading.main(
Job Emdeon_Claims_Data_Loading ended at 12:16 20/02/2012.
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Re: tFTPRename - Set "Filemask" and "New name" fields dynamically

The reason you got NPE is that you typed row6.Column in tFTPRename.
The values of ROW6 will be null, if you put "Row->Main" between tLogRow and tFTPRename.
You'd better save values into context variables by tJavaRow instead of tMap.
One more thing. If you want to move files into a new directory. You have to use tFTPGet and tFTPPut as a subjob.