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My objective is to move a file from one folder location to another folder location (both on the remove SFTP server). I didn't see anything on the Talend Palette that could do this. I downloaded a component from TalendExchange called tFTPMoveFiles which can move files from one folder to another on the remote server. However the component just renames the file on the remote source folder by prefixing the word Archive to the filename. The file is not moved to the target folder location.
Does anyone know if there is a fix AND if there is a Talend component that can move a file from one remote folder location to another?

Re: tFTPMoveFiles

Hi gvnkumar
tFtpMoveFiles component is custom components developed by our community user and shared on Talend Exchange.
Please contact the author of this component direactly.
So far, talend don't support for transferring data by air.  You have to load your data from one remote server into local and then put the data on another remote server.
The work flow  should be: tFtpConnection-->tFtpGet(load data from server into local)-->onSubjobOK-->tFTPPut(put local data on another remote server).

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