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tFTPGet does not get File

FTP component is not pulling the file from FTP site, if the file already exists in the local directory. It works otherwise. Anyone? I am using version 3.2.2
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Re: tFTPGet does not get File

I was trying to debug the issue and found the below code in tFTPGet component. Seems like if the file exists in local directory, FTP component explicitly does not pull the file from the server. I think, we should have a overwrite check box, when checked should override the file in the local directory if available.
if (!localFile.exists()) {
ftpClient.get(localFileName, remoteFileName);
msg_tFTPGet_1.add("file download successfully.");
"File transfer OK.");
} else {
msg_tFTPGet_1.add("file exit transmission.");
"No file transfered.");
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Re: tFTPGet does not get File

The check box 'overwrite file' already exists on version 3.2.2.
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