tFTPFileExists - Unable to determine if file '...' exists

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tFTPFileExists - Unable to determine if file '...' exists

I try to set up a FTP file download, like this: connect to FTP - check if file exists - if yes, download, else error message;
The job is built as shown in the screenshot.
The connection is correctly set, as I can see from the screen output. The tricky part is that the file name is in fact a mask, the name is "Tracing.ddddddd.mmmmmmm.txt", where ddddd... and mmmm... can be any number from 0 to 9.
Now, the error I get is:
Exception in component tFTPFileExist_2 Unable to determine if file 'depuismrelay/Tracing*.txt' exists.
at mr_tracking.mr_integration_tracing_0_1.MR_Integration_Tracing.tFTPFileExist_2Process(
at mr_tracking.mr_integration_tracing_0_1.MR_Integration_Tracing.tFTPConnection_1Process(
at mr_tracking.mr_integration_tracing_0_1.MR_Integration_Tracing.runJobInTOS(
at mr_tracking.mr_integration_tracing_0_1.MR_Integration_Tracing.main(

This component is not documentetd, neither in the user guide nor in the resource guide, can anyone telle me where am I wrong?

Thank you!
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Re: tFTPFileExists - Unable to determine if file '...' exists

tFTPFileExists does not support regular expression(like *.txt), you should set a fixed file name.
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