tExtractXMl component in a Spark job

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tExtractXMl component in a Spark job

The tExtractXMl compoent in a spark job is complaining with the following error for the  below section of code .Unable to build the job.


Error message: "the code of method call (Tuple2<NullWritable,row9Struct>) is exceeding the 65535 byte limit" 


public java.util.Iterator<scala.Tuple2<NullWritable, row3Struct>> call(
scala.Tuple2<NullWritable, row9Struct> data)
throws java.lang.Exception {
java.util.List<scala.Tuple2<NullWritable, row3Struct>> outputs = new java.util.ArrayList<scala.Tuple2<NullWritable, row3Struct>>();
row3Struct row3 = new row3Struct();
row9Struct row2 = data._2;


PLease help me understand this issue .

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Re: tExtractXMl component in a Spark job



65535 it is a limit for java method code (maybe I not 100% correct describe, but it is knowing error)


source of error could be a complicated structure (with long XPath and many columns)

there are no single solution, but often possible resolve it if:

  • exclude not used tags (if any)
  • split into several steps (if possible) - parse half, then next half, then join


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Re: tExtractXMl component in a Spark job

Thank you very much. Your sugggestion worked. I had 498 columns with xpath. reduced it to 300 columns and that worked.


Thanks ONce again


Badri Nair

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