tESBProvider_Fault on SQL ERROR

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tESBProvider_Fault on SQL ERROR

Is there a way to send a tESBProviderFault error when I have an error with the sql?

At this moment, when I have an error on the sqlinput the service stops, I want to to send an error and start again the service(or keep it working).





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Re: tESBProvider_Fault on SQL ERROR

Hi dferre

What kind of error do you get? Can you upload a screenshot of your current job design?


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Re: tESBProvider_Fault on SQL ERROR

Hi Shong,


Well, I am not having an error because I don't know how to do it or I don't know if it's possible with Talend.


I mean, I have to send a tESBproviderFault when having an error on my tMSSqlInput BUT when you have an error there the job stops. 


This is a screenshoot from my design, the idea would be activate tESBProvider_Fault2 when "tills" had some kind of error.




Thanks for answering!


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Re: tESBProvider_Fault on SQL ERROR

Hi dferre,

You can try by linking oncomponentError link of tmssqlinput component to fixedflowinput component where you can give your error payload which you need to send when the fault is generated.


Connect the fixedflowinput to tesbproviderFault and by this job will not stop I guess.


Let us know If this helps.

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Re: tESBProvider_Fault on SQL ERROR

Hi Pooja_kataria, The job still stops without sending the error through the service.


The main problem I am having at this moment is that if I want to send the tESBProviderFault, tESBProviderRequest should be working. But, if I am getting an error on the "tills", the job don't let tESBProviderRequest works and I can't send a fault error.


Example of what you suggested: As you can see, tESBProviderRequest is not started. Although I send a tESBProviderFault, I can't see the fault message at the webservice client.




On this example below I can do what I want. I let the job starts with TESBProviderRequest and when someone request the webservice it triggers to the "tills" and I can display the error. But! I would like to use the result from "tills" at the first tXML_MAP. Somehow, I would need to let tESBProviderRequest start before "tills".




Thanks for your attention.


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