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tESBConsumer not retrieving schema

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tESBConsumer not retrieving schema

Maybe I do not know how to use it, but when I try to fetch the schema of the webService I just get an Error Message. Even with the default globalWeather service. I am getting this message on any service I tried.
" Error getting service description: Error occured while processing schemas"

Is there maybe any debug interface or log, so that I can at least see what is wrong

Re: tESBConsumer not retrieving schema

The schema error looks strange. The Studio is only able to handle inline schema in the WSDL. I checked the Studio (6.1.1) with global weather service. No problem with it. The weather service has inline schema. It should work for you too.
You can try to view the weather WSDL in a browser and validate that it is a valid WSDL for you. Maybe you have a proxy and it is intercepting your request.
With best regards
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Re: tESBConsumer not retrieving schema

Sorry, I have to disappoint you. No Proxy. Initally the weather service shows up with premapped methods. If I hit the refresh button on the right, I get this message.  The same one appears with any other service. 
Did I understand it right? The WSDL needs to be inline? Do you mean without any linebreaks? I mean, .... why? This can easily be added in the WSDL parsing code to remove newline characters.
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Re: tESBConsumer not retrieving schema

Nothing to do with linebreaks. Inline WSDL usually means you have included all schemas and all definitions in a single WSDL (no relying on external resources). The weather service worked before .. so just check if it is already imported.
If the WSDL was update to something complex / not very compatible, Talend will have to choose another public example. Smiley Sad
Please note that Talend is ok with simple WSDL and  not very complex schema definitions (effectively trying to create a table from each message). If you encounter something more complex, just ignore the Talend WSDL features and try to build the requests and process the responses as XML messages without forcing Talend to parse the WSDL itself. Most of the time you don't need it. However - this approach assumes some knowledge of the XML, schemas, WS, ...


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