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tESBConsumer - Error Unmarshalling Request - Able to get response using SoapUI

I need to call a web-service (looks like a special web service, of some compaque_nsk_oss, I have no control over upgrading/changing that WS).

The wsdl of that webservice looks like this: 

image.pngwsdl of DummyPinService

I could call the “DummyPinService” using soapUI

  • It has sections <soapenv:Header> and <soapenv:Body>
  • Soap ui could get the response:

image.pngSoapUI call works great


Expt1: tESBConsumer using tXmlMap for payload fails. Looks like the tXmlMap is not providing Headers to ESBConsumer . Repository metadata was used for soapRequest.


Error: Error Unmarshalling Request.

image.pngtESBConsumer - payload - ErrorUnmarshallingRequest


Also tried ..

Expt2:  Create tXmlMap-payload + tXmlMap-header =  tMap_request -> tESBConsumer

Observation: <Header> section seems correct . I do not see <Envelop>, <Body> in the logged request.

Error : Error Unmarshalling Request.


image.pngHeader+Payload -> ErrorUnmarshallingRequest

What should I do to get the same effect as payload supplied to soapUI?


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:urn="urn:compaq_nsk_oss_SoapHeader" xmlns:urn1="urn:cpq_tns_ODINITS-RETRIEVE-DUMMYPIN">




Re: tESBConsumer - Error Unmarshalling Request - Able to get response using SoapUI


The structure of payload is not correct for you when import it in tXmlMap?

 Did you create Service -> Import Existing WSDL with 'Import WSDL schemas on finish' checkbox?

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