tELTHiveMap output table is deleted when removing a related connection link

Talend Version       6.2.1


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Product Big Data
Component Data Access
Problem Description

A Talend 6.2.1 Job consists of the following tELTHive components:

tELTHiveInput > tELTHiveMap > tELTHiveOutput


The following screenshot shows the OUTPUTTABLE connection link between the tELTHiveMap and tELTHiveOutput components:



In the tELTHiveMap component, a mapping output table named outputtable was defined. Using this output table, a connection link is created between tELTHiveMap and tELTHiveOutput components.


This screenshot shows the tELTHiveMap outputtable table and its mappings:



In the Studio Designer view, a problem occurs when removing the connection link between tELTHiveMap and tELTHiveOutput components as shown below:



In the tELTHiveMap, the outputtable mapping output table is deleted, along with the related mappings between the tELTHiveMap input and output tables.



Problem root cause This problem is due to a bug in the product.
Solution or Workaround

This issue has been fixed in the following Talend versions: 6.4.1, 6.3.2, 6.2.3

To get a patch against other Talend versions (such as 6.2.1), contact Talend Support.

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