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tDenormlizeSortedRow vs tDenormalize

Hi all,


in the tDenormalizeSortedRow, what does the warning means?

"Warning: This component may change input behavior"


I'm I right to assume than the tDenormalizeSortedRow will not change input order (in contrary to the tDenormalize)?


Thank you.



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Re: tDenormlizeSortedRow vs tDenormalize

Test it to make sure your assumption is right Smiley Wink)
Order can change... and because of this : (an assumption by me, didn't look at the code) ... it works with bytes... hash mapping (I think). The other component uses just string.
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Re: tDenormlizeSortedRow vs tDenormalize

Thank you for your reply, however, by testing I will only be able to know that it "may not change the order" which is not enough!


I have to be sure that the order will not change.