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Good morning,
I imported the tdbfinput component with the forum post:

I have to put that information on the part of Mashape Key and I have an error:
Exception in component tDBFInput_1
com.mashape.unirest.http.exceptions.UnirestException: org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to failed: connect timed out
at com.mashape.unirest.http.HttpClientHelper.request (
at com.mashape.unirest.request.BaseRequest.asString (
at it.bisisoft.tdbfinput2.util.APIQuery.connect (
at recogidas.remitentes_0_1.Remitentes.tDBFInput_1Process (
at recogidas.remitentes_0_1.Remitentes.runJobInTOS (
at recogidas.remitentes_0_1.Remitentes.main (
Caused by: org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to failed: connect timed out
What I can do to fix it?
Thank you.

Re: tDbfInput

The tDBFInput is a custom component written by Talend Community user and shared on Talend Exchange.
Feel free to contact to the author directly.
Best regards
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Re: tDbfInput

the component use an API published on Mashape, so it need to access the network, that kind of error means the component can reach the mashape site to validate your key, maybe you are behind a proxy, in that case you have to specify the proxy configurations on the Talend Settings menu.
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Re: tDbfInput

According to the DBF-tools pricing on Mashape, the component can only be used 5 times a month unless I subscribe a pro contract, right ?

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