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tCreateFileTemporary in Job Server



While running the job in Job Server tCreateFileTemporary component is not behaving the same as it is behaving in Local: (May be it is an Linux issue) Issue:

Remote run :

            While creating a Temp file it is adding a dot and space at the end of file ( “. “)


Local Run :

           While running the job in Local, It creates the exact same file which is coming from FTP.



Local Run: tCreateTemporaryFile_1_FILE              -->  cus_cleartext_fileE44HH3G2939WDM    --> Exact file name

                   tFTPFileList_1_CURRENT_FILE          -->  cus_cleartext_fileE44HH3G2939WDM    --> File from FTP, same as tCreateTemporaryFile                 



Remote Run: tCreateTemporaryFile_1_FILE    -->  cus_cleartext_fileE45HH3G2611HGC.    --> Added a dot and space

                       tFTPFileList_1_CURRENT_FILE   --> cus_cleartext_fileE45HH3G2611HGC    --> File from FTP, without dot and space



See screen shot:

• This is how file gets created by tCreateTemporaryFile (Filesize 0)

• When FTP file come to job server it is with other name (Filesize 8430)