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tCouchDbInput query view with complex key

I am interested in querying a CouchDb server using complex keys. For example:
start key:
end key:
I tried inputting these as simple string, as well as using Arrays.asList(...) in the startkey/endkey input fields and in the options table. None returned results, although I am able to query the service through a different client.
Thank you in advance.
Konstantin Pentchev
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Re: tCouchDbInput query view with complex key

Hi Konstantin,
What's there in Talend for CouchDB? Means how you are interacting through talend with CouchDB?
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Re: tCouchDbInput query view with complex key

Hi Vaibhav,
I am using a tCouchDbInput component. I solved the problem by using java.util.Arrays.<Object>asList(...) in both the startKey and endKey input fields. I don't know why it returned no results when I wrote the original post, maybe I messed up the query parameters. Anyway it would be nice if this can be documented somewhere.