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tContext Load From SQL Query

I would like to set a context variable from a SQL Query.
Here is what I have
MSSQLInput -> tMap -> tContextLoad
In the map I map
MSSQLInput - Last_Id variable to a variable in tContextLoad called Contact_Id
When I execute I receive multiple errors about key values
Should I do this a different way?
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Re: tContext Load From SQL Query

The schema of tContextLoad is fixed, it has two columns key and value, so you should map the two columns on tMap, define two columns: key and vlaue, set the expression of key column as: "Contact_Id", set the expression of value column as "row1.Last_id" //row1 is the flow name.
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Re: tContext Load From SQL Query

I would like to use a context variable from contextLoad into oracleInput query.
I can see teh key-value pair for tContextLoad. the value I need to use in sql query. How can we use the contextLoad value in a query?