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tChronometerStart and tChronometerStop

following the Components Reference Guide (Components_RG_30c_EN.pdf), I have tried to test the scenario related to the tChronometerStart component.
However, I have not been able to reproduce the job shown at the bottom of the page 493.
The tChronometerStart component doesn't want to connect as described in this example, I'm not able to connect the Row Generator output to the tChronometerStart using a Main row like in the schema.
Another point about the tChronometerStop component: I was not able to get as much informations as described in the documentation, I have only the time processing, not the rows processing rate ("speed: 93092 rows/second" page 494), should I do something special to get this information ?
Also, apparently, the tChronometerStop component reports the elapsed time for a given component (or set of components), is there a way to get the cpu time (which would be more meaningful) rather than the elapsed time ?