tBigQueryOutput error, cannot use "Allow Jagged Lines"

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tBigQueryOutput error, cannot use "Allow Jagged Lines"


I have an error loading some info in google's big query. Just discovered, on the "Jobs History" section on BigQuery, I can reload the job created in Talend, and change options, like "Allow jagged rows".

Turning this option ON in the job successfully load the file, but I can not find the way to specify this on the tBigQueryOutput component, I can choose delimiter, table name, all load parameters but this...

Do you know how can I manage to make sure Talend create the job with this option ON?

(Can not remove the lines, or load any different data from the file, both the loaded table and the file must match 100%).


tBigQueryOutput error, need to turn on "Allow Jagged rows" but can't in Talend


Re: tBigQueryOutput error, cannot use "Allow Jagged Lines"


Please create a new feature or workitem jira issue of DI project on talend bug tracker.


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